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Premium Bench
GTA Fitness EquipmentPremium Bench
Sale price$289.99 CAD Regular price$399.99 CAD
15 reviews
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All-in-One Smith Machine
GTA Fitness EquipmentAll-in-One Smith Machine
Sale price$1,099.99 CAD Regular price$2,599.98 CAD
37 reviews
Save 18%
275lbs Rubber Weight Set Combo With Olympic Barbell
Save 29%
Hip Thrust Machine
GTA Fitness EquipmentHip Thrust Machine
Sale price$994.99 CAD Regular price$1,399.99 CAD
22 reviews
Save 57%
Leg Press / Hack Squat Machine
GTA Fitness EquipmentLeg Press / Hack Squat Machine
Sale price$1,199.99 CAD Regular price$2,799.98 CAD
26 reviews
Save 32%
5-50 LB Premium Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set with Stand
Save 33%
5-100 Lb Hex Dumbbell Set with 2 Stands
GTA Fitness Equipment5-100 Lb Hex Dumbbell Set with 2 Stands
Sale price$1,999.99 CAD Regular price$3,000.00 CAD
14 reviews
Save 46%
90 lb Twist Dumbbells
GTA Fitness Equipment90 lb Twist Dumbbells
Sale price$750.00 CAD Regular price$1,399.99 CAD
28 reviews
Save 45%
Olympic Weight Plate Tree and Barbell Storage
Save 19%
Half Rack Smith Machine
GTA Fitness EquipmentHalf Rack Smith Machine
Sale price$1,049.99 CAD Regular price$1,299.99 CAD
No reviews
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Power Rack
GTA Fitness EquipmentPower Rack
Sale price$549.99 CAD Regular price$799.99 CAD
24 reviews
Save 45%
Half Rack
GTA Fitness EquipmentHalf Rack
Sale price$329.99 CAD Regular price$599.99 CAD
1 review
Save 14%
185lbs Bumper Weight Set Combo With Olympic Barbell
Sold out
Set of 2 Adjustable Dumbbells (5-52.5lbs)
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Adjustable Bench
GTA Fitness EquipmentAdjustable Bench
Sale price$184.99 CAD Regular price$199.99 CAD
4 reviews
Sold out
Dumbbell Stand - Fits for 52.5lbs/90lbs dumbbells
Save 21%
285lbs Iron Weight Set Combo With Olympic Barbell
Save 29%
Curve Manual Treadmill
GTA Fitness EquipmentCurve Manual Treadmill
Sale price$2,499.99 CAD Regular price$3,499.99 CAD
No reviews
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Set of 2 Adjustable Dumbbells (10-90lbs)